Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Winter woollies

I struggle with winter. I dislike the lack of light and the hot to cold and back again which happens all day as we move from inside to outside. Our conservatory becomes too cold to use (unless I am organised and pre heat it) which means I have no where to use my sewing machine. I crave chocolate even more and become disinterested in being active and creative. So, at the beginning of the year I was in 'embrace the seasons' mood and knowing that I can't do much sewing over winter I decided I would concentrate on learning to knit. When I say 'learn' to knit. I could already knit but I tended to stick to the basic which doesn't require a pattern. So the aim was to learn to knit following a pattern and therefore widen my knitting achievements.

First, I started with Kelly Hindrich's pattern, In threes. It is a great pattern. Easy to follow and gives rapid results. 


Then I decided it would be cute for Lj to wear a Christmas pudding hat. She loves her hats, which is just as well as she needs them alot these days! I couldn't find the pattern I needed so used Woolly Wormhead's Jester pattern to get me started. My first attempt was too small but it gave me a good template for the next attempt. 

Next, I feel MJ needs a winter woolly so am going to attempt a stripped jumper for him (another first!).

I really want to embrace winter and learn to enjoy this season. I find Soulemama really inspiring...in fact her blog was one that encouraged me to start blogging. She loves winter, so I'm going to try and tap into her energry and see what happens.

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  1. That Christmas pudding hat is so cute! Hoorah for knitting in these dark Winter months, it is a skill on my list to be accomplished! Looking forward to seeing your stripey jumper!