Wednesday, 28 December 2011

London with little ones #1- Museum of London

Today we had a day out in London with some friends. Our plan was to visit the Museum of London and take part in the under 5's Christmas event. This we did but once completed we were a little lost as what to do next. Ideally we wanted somewhere for the kids to run off some energy! I'm sure there is a great book out there which locates all the best places to take children when visiting London but we didn't have it. Thankfully we remained positive and discovered some great things for children to do when in the Barbican area of London. Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation I hope you remember this blog post!!!

Having got off the train at Liverpool Street station we walked along London Wall Road to the Museum of London (it is just under 1 mile). The Museum of London is a great place to take children. If it doesn't have any special events on you can still pick up some children's worksheets and pencils at the information desk. Today we attended the 'Victorian Trinkett' event. This included a quick history of a Victorian Christmas, followed by making your own cornucopia for your Christmas tree and ending with an interactive story time.
We then had a quick trip round the museum followed by lunch in the cafe.

I knew we were on the edge of the Barbican Centre so thought perhaps we would find an outside, but enclosed place for the kids to run around but all we could find was the area outside the restaurant. This area was by the water and without any barriers from the waters edge we felt nervous letting the kids run free. However we did discover a Children's library. This would be a fantastic place to hang out on a rainy day and even though it was dry today we still had a little story time and explore of the library. The librarian then directed us to a near by park.

Fortune Street Park is an ideal place for some outdoor fun. It is a short (approx. 500m) distance north of the Barbican Centre. On the way is a Waitrose which is very useful when you have a child who needs a nappy change and a Mother without any nappies! And the park has the ever so important coffee shop with buy one get one free on croissants...the croissant deal was perhaps because the seller wanted to close up shop and may not always be available :).

When we had had enough of the park it was time to head back to Liverpool street and catch our train home.

As I put MJ to bed he said that he could stay up tonight as he did not have a busy day!!! Kids!!!

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