Tuesday, 15 November 2011

October recap

October was a busy month so this is really just a recap for my own memories sake!

Another Amelia Rose...another line of bunting.

and a baby girl card to send with the bunting!

The first of my Christmas cushions.

Farming fields for a farming crazy boy.

A dress for my neice who turns 1 just before Christmas.

The back of the dress!

We had a lovely half term trip to Chester and Liverpool. Staying with family, visiting friends, train ride to Liverpool and checking out Tate Liverpool, Liverpool museum and the docks.

Outside the new Museum of Liverpool.

Bird watching at the Rye Meads Reserve.

Filling our Operation Christmas Child boxes.

A visit to the National Space centre.

A card for twins, Michael and James.

October was a fun, fast paced month while November is turning out to be a slower, 'back to normal' (as MJ would say) kind of month!

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  1. Like, like, like! Your homemade gifts are gorgeous, especially the wee dress. Some of my material has arrived for the Christmas presents I'm making - it's so lovely I'm scared to make a mess of it!