Friday, 4 November 2011

A bargain filled month

I'm sure I have mentioned my local charity shop on here before. Our house is full of things we have purchased there and everything we no longer use finds itself there. Over the last few weeks we have found some interesting, useful and fun things to buy.

A 201k Singer...I watched a lady drop it off and knew that although I don't need another sewing machine I just couldn't pass it by. To my eye it is the most beautiful thing. This picture doesn't do it justice. Last night I read online a bit more about the 201k Singer and it turns out my £10 purchase was a huge bargain...not that I will ever want to sell it on.

6 metal Thomas and Friends engines... On a Friday when we pick MJ up from school he gets his pocket money and can choose to save it, spend it in the charity shop or in the sweet shop. His £1 pocket money went far in the charity shop today! The engines are very well worn but as M loves to paint warhammer models he is thinking of repainting them...I don't think MJ had noticed how worn they are!

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly rhyme book...This is a curious rhyme which always intrigued me as a child. I was delighted to find this book which is so beautifully illustrated. It turns out that MJ and Lj are also equally thrilled with this 25p purchase.

Large word cards...MJ is reading! I thought to help him along I would like word cards. I fondly remember my word tin from primary school...the tins were perfect for storing our words and were used again and again. I wonder what the tins originally held! I also wonder if this is where my love of storage boxes began! Before I ordered some word cards for MJ online I found this set which looked like it had never been opened. Now as he learns a new word we find it in the pack and stick it to his wardrobe door. It is so exciting to watch him learn to read.

And finally...a little girls buggy! I had planned to get Lj a baby buggy for Christmas but why spend £10 on a new one when we could spend £2, save on landfill and support a charity all at the same time...the only issue is I couldn't resist letting her have a play straight away and I'm not sure I have the heart to put it away til Christmas.

So would you agree...we live beside the best charity shop...ever!

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  1. You definitely live beside the best charity shop! I love, love, love the sewing machine - what a treat! Does it work? The kids stuff is just adorable and you're absolutely right that it's better to buy a buggy for £2 and support a charity! Are you hand-making any Christmas presents this year? I just bought Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of sewing and Fabric Crafts - amazing!