Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Staying put!

Finally, we have made a decision to stay put! We have been seriously considering a move to Singapore, as M was offered a new job. We like the idea of living in different places, exploring new cities, taking in new cultures, meeting new people and perhaps even learning new languages (I'm very nervous about that one!). So immediately on being offered the job we thought we would like to go but as time went on ( the logistics of the job took forever to be finalised) we became more and more aware of what we would be leaving behind. Then a counter offer of a job promotion, made us really consider what we wanted. After weeks of agonising we finally drew a line in the sand on Sunday and decided that now was not the time to go.

Within hours of making the decision we were at the allotment, digging and planting and it felt so good. We realised that we had put life on hold while we considered the move and if felt so freeing to finally get back to doing what we love.

Now I feel I need to get re organised. Consider what I enjoy doing and what I want to achieve both personally and as a carer (of husband and children!). In a way the old feelings of 'being a mama is not enough' are re surfacing so I need a plan to deal with that!

Hopefully some kid free time next week, when my mum is coming to stay and M and I are going to Athens will be the perfect opportunity for re grouping!

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  1. Wow! I'm wondering if we all need that 'sit back and take stock' moment to make us appreciate things a little more? I love that you guys will get to go away together just the two of you. Sometimes as a mum it's hard to get time to just think! Love you hon and can't wait to hear what you decide to do next! xx