Thursday, 21 April 2011

The past week...

What a busy week we have had...

:: We said goodbye to friends who are moving to Singapore
:: My parents and brother came to stay
:: M and I had a weekend trip to Athens, Greece
:: A good friend from South Africa came to stay

We have just arrived back from dropping Jani at the airport and the kids are asleep in the car. For most of the journey back I have been thinking about blogging so while they sleep I thought I would grab a few moments. We have one day now to repack our bags and plan for a night with M's parents and then the Easter weekend with his sister and brother in law.

But for now I want to remember the last week, reflect on the good times before I get lost in packing and planning once more.

Farewell to our friends...

We had the perfect farewell at our favourite place...the forest. I don't like saying goodbye...I like to remember the fun we had and indeed we had fun...cycling along the canal tow path with our boys on the back, swimming each week in the local pool, walking in the woods, finding shelters and collecting sticks. Recently I heard a phrase on the radio which I don't think I will ever forget...'Friends are for a reason and for a season'. I believe this to be true and remembering it helps me to feel at peace when friends move away or we leave friends behind.

A weekend in Athens...

I have to say that the best bits were the food and the sleeping! We saw the sights but for me not having to cook, change nappies, get up in the night etc etc was what the trip was all about and for those three days, I loved it. Yet, in saying that I was so excited to see my little people again and feel energised once again to cook, change nappies, get up in the night etc etc!


What a precious thing to have family. My parents and brother looked after the kids while we were away and did a superb job. The kids are so happy and contented with them.

South Mimms services...

Who would have thought you could have so much fun at a motorway services. After dropping Jani at the airport early this morning we set of on our journey home. With Lj a bit unsettled in the back and MJ wanting to stretch his legs we pulled into South Mimms Services. I had a Starbucks coffee which is always a treat for me no matter how often I have one and MJ expored the play park. Lj squealed with delight as MJ chased her through the tunnel in the play ground. As the sun continued to shine we found a path into the country which followed the river and we wished we had brought MJ's new bike to cycle along the path...I also wished I had brought Lj's carrier or buggy and my camera! The lesson learned is that I must bring Lj's carrier and my camera whereever I am going as we are missing to many fun opportunities.

I hear a little shout from the car so I will have to pack away my thoughts til another blogging opporunity arises. So for now...thank you sunshine, mum and dad and Jani for a great week and goodbye to Becca and family, we love you and we will miss you but we know you will have a fab life in Singapore.

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