Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Our day.

We had little planned for today so LJ was able to catch up on some sleep in her cot, while MJ was busy creating his own fun. He has a fascination with boats at present. It is ever since M took him on a boat trip for his 3rd birthday.

Pink watering can aka boat, mud bath aka river with waterfall. He played for an hour in this until the ground got so muddy that his feet kept sinking and I had to be called to pull him out twice.

This is his chalk drawing of a boat. The green circles are portholes. In each porthole is a person. Mum, Dad, MJ, LJ, Granddad and Nana. There are a few dots as eyes and a few sad looking mouths but he assures me we are all happy! The zig zag line at the bottom is water. I was so impressed I wished he had drawn it on paper so I could frame it. His imagination is really working overtime at the moment.

Being inspired by the women at Craft and Coffee yesterday I started knitting again. I am not a patient person, therefore I am not a knitter but I really want to knit beautiful things. So I'm trying again. This time I am knitting some cute slippers out of wool I got in Iceland at the beginning of year. The pattern was recommended and can be found at Drops design.

Now the kids are sleeping and M is still at work so I think I will pick up the needles and keep knitting while the enthusiasm is still there.

I'm glad we had a quiet day today!

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