Saturday, 23 October 2010

Knitting and listening.

This week I have been enjoying knitting slippers while listening to all sorts of podcasts and radio programmes.

My new past time when the kids are tucked up safely in bed is to grab my knitting bag. Two weeks on and I am still enjoying knitting, I can't believe it. I finished a pair of slippers for myself and am almost finished a pair for my mum, a surprise for when she arrives on Tuesday for a short visit. My husband and his friend have also ordered a pair so I need to source some manly wool! While knitting I can multi task and listen to something on the radio or a podcast which I am loving. I'm especially into Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church. Tonight I am listening to him speak about Women and homemaking! What he says is a bit controversial but encouraging to me as a stay at home mum.

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