Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Lj's EGR enrollment

Lj was enrolled into EGR (Every Girls Rally) back in November.

Lj loves EGR, in fact on Monday morning she woke up saying 'This is going to be the best day ever!'. EGR was beginning again after the Christmas holidays. As soon as she came home from school she got her uniform on and bounced around the house for 3 hours until it was time for us to take her. She says she is going to become an EGR leader when she is older. I'm delighted that she loves it so much as I too attended EGR from age 6 til I left for university and loved it too.

As you can see I'm catching up on some blog posts this morning! I should really be cracking on with the perhaps more important items on my to do list, such as 'clean pink bathroom' or 'wash floors' but on this cold and windy morning it is much more enjoyable to be sitting at my laptop with my cup of tea, uploading photos!

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