Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Courtyard Phase 1 complete

This was how the courtyard looked when we moved in. It is a completely enclosed space and a lovely suntrap (when the sun is shining!).

Sadly the colourful pyracantha had to be pulled out to lay the new ground cover.

Work began with Michael and his team. Digging out a hole for the hot tub, pouring concrete, building retaining walls and creating new raised beds.

The hot tub was craned in to place without too much difficulty.

The artificial grass was laid, the raised beds filled and the paving slabs chosen and placed.

We don't normally have a paving slab sitting on the hot tub but after the cover blew off three times in the high winds last night, the paving slab is perching there until the weather improves.

We love our hot tub and it is used most days. Lj likes to sit (or not sit as she never sits) in it with M as she says it is a great way to talk to Daddy! MJ ideally likes to be in it alone so he can chill out and relax. I like to jump in in the evening to warm up and relax before bed time.

Phase two will be planting the raised beds which will be carried out in Spring and will help to soften the pebble dash walls.

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