Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Trip to A&E and healing smoothies

Lily's A & E
Going to school
One sunny Monday, Evie and I were playing on the wobbly bridge. We were swinging and I fell on my bottom and then I went to the medical lady and fainted.
Ms J came out and took me to her office and laid me on the bed.
My Mummy and Mrs C came. I felt tired and sick so they called an ambulance.
Then when they were launching me they nearly tipped me off! Then they wheeled me in a wheel chair. Then we sat down and waited for the nurse. When it was our turn to go to the nurse they called 'Carrier'. Then we sat back down and waited to be seen 3 times. And then I went back home. When we got back I was sick! The End.

A day off with healing smoothies to recover!

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