Monday, 29 February 2016

Key lime pie and shrinkles

With M away for the weekend with the car we had to come up with our own car free fun.

Over the half term break we tried making No Bake Key Lime Pie. The kids loved both the making and the eating of it so this weekend we had another go. I'm keen for them to learn how to follow recipes and learn basic baking skills. This is a great recipe to start with as it seems pretty fool proof and tastes amazing.

Last time MJ worked on making the base, while Lj made the filling/topping. This time I thought they might like to swop but no, they were keen to perfect what they had tried before.

MJ finished first and while the base was chilling in the fridge I set him to work on washing the dishes...I don't want the thought of washing up to put them off cooking and baking but at the same time it is a job which has to be done.

Next weekend I'm leading a crafting party for a 7 yr old and her 11 friends so we tested the crafts and got some more prep work done together. Here, they are drawing on shrink plastic which we then put in the oven to shrink and thicken before turning them into a 'Applejack' brooch for Lj and a 'Steve' key ring for MJ.

We had a fun day staying at home on Saturday. However, on Sunday it was time to get some fresh air and adult contact so we walked to the train station and caught the train to church (a train journey of 8 minutes!!). On the return leg we stopped off in town and had some lunch before braving the cold, up hill walk home. Then it was snuggles and snoozes on the sofa as we watched 'Inside out' and waited for Daddy to come home.

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