Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Trentham Gardens, Day 1, Wk 6

It's the last full week of the summer holiday's, sob sob. M is still off work so we decided to get away and headed up north stopping for lunch with Great Nana enroute.

On Sunday we visited Trentham Gardens as we are staying in a hotel close by.

The kids and I did the barefoot walk which was an interesting challenge. At one point we had to walk through mud which came up to lj's knee's...it was totally disgusting! A lovely part was walking through a clear water stream. Mj raced ahead while I tip toed my way around the course. But what a feeling to get to the end, wash our feet and put our sandals back on...bliss.

Together we searched out the  fairies as we walked around the 2mile lake.

M was delighted to see a garden designed by his favourite landscape designer, Piet Ouldorf.

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