Friday, 21 August 2015

National Gallery, Day 4, Wk 5

On our trip to The National gallery we happened upon a kids activity in full swing. It was considering the frames on a number of paintings. Some highly decorative with flowers and leaves, some with writing on them such as the self portrait of Van Eyck, some architectural with classical columns and some simple and painted a plain colour. These free kids activities always suit us as a family so well. It gives M a chance to go off and spend time seeing what he had hoped to see and I work well at the kids learning level! The staff are always lovely too and makes me desire to have their job!

I'm not quite sure that Lj got the 'decorate the frame' part and instead re drew her mouse which she learnt to draw the other morning and together we created an orangutang seen from our trip to Monkey World last week. MJ's frame featured lots of things to do with boats!

We had a lovely day out in London and it made me so glad to have a husband who enjoys doing similar things to me!

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