Thursday, 18 June 2015

This week!

I'm getting lost in my parents were here for the weekend, then gone and coming back tomorrow. My head feels like it is all over the place but amidst the busyness we continue to create :)

We had a wet and cool Saturday morning so we stayed indoors and played with our Hama Beads. As June is a busy birthday month, we came up with some new card designs using our Hama creations.

It is Lj's birthday next week. Each morning she runs downstairs to look at the calendar and counts the days until her birthday...'6 days to go til my birthday' she shouted as she raced back upstairs. I asked her why she was so excited about her birthday and she told me it was because she couldn't wait to see and eat her cake...I was quite surprised with her response. Yesterday morning she designed her own cake and made some me step by step instructions. I just love her little diagram! (start at the bottom left!).

The architectural sketch commissions keep coming in and this week I got a lovely text message saying how special the sketch of the church was to the whole family.

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