Thursday, 26 February 2015

'Tower of Babel'- 'Living our lives to please God' Wednesday club #12

A large part of today's plan came from Ministry to Children.

Today we’re going to learn about a time when humans started taking credit for the gifts God had given them. In fact, they wanted to make themselves famous and even did the exact opposite of what God commanded them to do. In all this we’re going to learn the difference between glorifying God and showing-off to build our own reputation.”

Active Listening: As the kids prepare to watch the story, ask the children to listen for the following clues. Say, “Each of these items will play a part in our story and I want you to listen very carefully for why they are important.” Show a picture for each clue. Display these items on the wall before you read.
  • Bricks made from mud
  • Brain power
  • Muscle power
  • Word power (language)
Watch an animation of the Tower of Babel on You Tube.

Review the Active Listening Clues: Ask volunteers to come up and explain how each of the picture clues fit into the story. For each one ask the children where that item first came from. Lead them to conclude that each of those items were gifts that God gave the people. Say: “All of these things came from God and were given to the people so they could show God’s glory. Instead, the people used this stuff to show-off themselves and try to become important.”

Learning Outcome Test: Ask the children to respond to the following set of statements. If the activity is about seeking God’s glory they should stand with both hands raised toward Heaven, if the activity describes is mostly about seeking their own popularity (aka showing-off) they should cross their arms and remain seated. After each response, briefly point them back to the heart motives behind each action.
  • Talking loudly about your good grades so that everyone knows that you’re smart. (showing-off)
  • Using your intelligence to helping a friend with their math homework. (glorifying God)
  • Doing your best to help your soccer team win. (glorifying God)
  • Starting a new business so you can get rich and boss people around. (showing-off)
  • Starting a new business so you can give people jobs. (glorifying God)
Gospel Application: Share with the children how difficult it can be for prideful people to accept Christ as their Savior. Explain that only through his grace can we become humble and give glory to God with our lives.

Make towers using dry spaghetti pasta and marshmallows.

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