Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Med Cruise 2014 Day 1&2 Barcelona

This time two weeks ago our 2014 Med Cruise adventure was beginning. We had just landed in Barcelona, the sun was shining and we were feeling excited.

We made our way quickly to our hotel...our taxi driver seemed on a mission as he weaved the city traffic and kept pointing to our hotel in the distance.

Once settled in our hotel room we opened our map of Barcelona and started planning our two day stay.

We could see Gaudi's, Sagrada Familia from our bedroom window and decided to walk in that direction.

I had been in Barcelona once before on a work weekend and so I had seen the outside of this amazing building before but had never experienced the inside. I'm so glad we waited in the queue to get a look inside. The beauty of the architectural forms together with the lighting still blows me away. It is a stunning building and what an amazing way to start our trip.

Walking to and from the Sagrada Familia we passed by a number of interesting buildings. The bullet shaped one above, Lj named 'the Spanish Gerkin' and it became a landmark for us to locate our hotel.

On Day 2 we started well with a lovely breakfast in our hotel before heading into central Barcelona. The underground system was easy to navigate and we felt very comfortable in this unfamiliar city. We walked and walked, taking in more Gaudi's buildings, the Gothic quarter and the beach. In the afternoon we headed north to Gaudi's Park Guell, it was quite an uphill trek and we wondered if it was worth the effort. Yet, as with all of our Gaudi experiences, Park Guell did not disappoint even though we didn't get to purchase tickets to the centre part of the park..NB for next is essential to pre book tickets!

Barcelona was a great starting place for our trip. It was also the start of lots of walking, lots of eating and lots of inspiring sights to see.

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