Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A new summer bag!

 Hubby has been in the States for work so we thought we would go pay Nana and Grandad (on the motorway) a visit for the weekend. On Sunday we visited beautiful Hidcote Gardens. Hidcote Gardens are National Trust owned and are a really interesting place to visit. We explored the gardens, had running races, played tennis, planted sunflower seeds, drank coffee, ate cake and while Grandad took the kids back to the car to check on Barney (a cute 11 week old puppy), Nana and I had a little nosey in the shop!

While looking at all the nice things in the shop, my eye was drawn to an Ulster Weavers tea towel. Ulster Weavers have been doing some really great fabric prints recently and this tea towel kept drawing me back. I was imagining a skirt, or a bag, or something made from this little piece of beautiful fabric. I would never use it as a tea towel as it would be ruined within hours and it was too stunning for that. With a little encouragement from my Mother in law, the tea towel was purchased and on its way to my sewing machine.

A couple of days later and I have a new summer bag to take on my holidays!

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