Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Printing and Scanning!

My new printer/scanner arrived yesterday and M set it up for me last night. It is quite a treat to be able to hit print and see colourful paper spew out beside me...before I had to send an email with an attachment to our other computer upstairs, run upstairs, pull computer out, pull printer out, turn on and wait for it all to get up and running, then print from my email. Of course there was always a hic up along the way and if you are like me, things never print how you imagined so there were a number of changes to make before the final document is the one I really wanted! In order to avoid this up and down the stairs cycle I would email the document to M at work and wait a couple of days for him to get round to printing it and then another couple of days for him to remember to bring it home!

So today I have been printing and scanning everything possible and finally got a few projects completed in record time.

I love my new printer/scanner :)

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