Monday, 27 May 2013

Our Bank Holiday Weekend

Our May Bank Holiday Weekend has come and gone...and with it the sunshine, as it seems that we are to have 24hrs of rain tomorrow!

But while the sun shone we made the most of it...

At Audley End House...

...we had a picnic and play

...we relaxed in the beautiful walled gardens

and we played dress up in the old stable block.

At the Henry Moore Foundation...

...we learnt how to print on textiles

...Lj and I did a daisy pattern (she loves daisies, picking them up where ever she sees them) while MJ etched out a steam ship. MJ really engaged with the activity and is keen to do some more.

oh and just so I don't forget...we laid a new laminate floor and painted M's study, went to church, played with our neighbours, painted another section of our 'blue' fence, planted out the beans at the allotment and harvested a whole lot more rhubarb!

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  1. You were busy! But sounds like fun. Love the printing