Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blue fence 01

 Tonight as the kids went to sleep I began to think what I would do with myself before my own bedtime. The options were...
:: Watch 'The Voice' and feel like I had wasted my evening
:: Go for a walk, but no one seemed available
:: Watch a movie but I knew that would also mean me eating a whole lot of junk food in 90mins
:: M suggested we do a jigsaw together, but we didn't have one
:: My normal evening would have been to 'make' something and I have many things in the pipe line such as making Lj a summer hat, covering an old lampshade, a baby keepsake for a friends new baby etc but unusually I didn't feel like 'making'. This was mainly due to a frustration over not being home when my new laminator and pouches were delivered today. Anyway back to the 'options'! (also on a side note...MJ informed me today that we use a '!' only when the sentence is something interesting, such as 'my house is on fire!' 5yo has me rethinking my use of '!'s' now)

After this discussion with M, I'm not sure who came up with it but we decided to get started on painting our fence blue. It was a warm and light evening so we set to work.

This is the children's corner of the garden...they had been busy pulling out lots of toys this we had a quick tidy up to do before we got started.

One panel is painted, M and I had a fun 'date night' and as M tired I got some alone time. Outside in the fading light I had peace of mind to reflect on why the simple issue of not being able to use my new laminator should unsettle me and why I am always so slow to realise that everything happens for a reason and we have an amazing creator who cares for our every movement.

I enjoyed my Saturday evening...what did you do?

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  1. Watched the voice and wasted my evening.. haha! Looking forward to seeing the blue fence!