Saturday, 15 December 2012

London with Little Ones #4

Today we took some timeout from the Christmas madness and visited the British Museum, London. We were part of a group lead by one of the men from church, who guided us round many artifacts, explaining them from a biblical perspective. M and I took turns listening to our guide and entertaining the kids.

Coffee break:: MJ and Lj admiring Sir Norman Fosters glass roof.

I got the kids pack and headed for the History of China section. MJ and Lj are drawing dragons inspired by the Chinese pottery.

Here they try to copy Liu Hai standing on a three-legged toad!

After lunch at a little pancake cafe opposite the museum we got some fresh air and a 'run around' space in the Bloomsbury Park, just south east of the museum.

We were disappointed that the children's library in the Museum was not open today...we had a lot of fun in there the last time we visited!

Tip:: It is a good time of year to visit the British Museum when it is not so packed with people...especially when you have two little ones to keep an eye on!

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