Thursday, 27 December 2012

Handmade Christmas #3

Inspired by a cake decorating demonstration I attended a few weeks ago I decided to keep my first homemade Christmas cake simple. I used pre rolled marzipan and a block of royal icing.

The day before we left for our Christmas with family, the kids and I made our first ever Gingerbread house. Initially MJ wanted us to build the Colosseum!!! but after a bit of convincing we decided that our first structure should be a basic house. We based it on a Rachel Allen recipe and it took us all afternoon!


  1. The cake looked amazing and the gingerbread house tasted as good as it looked. Thanks for making it for Christmas!

  2. I've been checking out some of your handmade lovelies - you made so much this Christmas! How did your stall go? It looked wonderful. I managed to make a few gifts this year and expanded my sewing repertoire! Happy New Year fellow blogger!