Thursday, 8 March 2012

KONY 2012

Just last night M and I had a discussion on how we will spend our lives when the children have left home. I really hope and am quite determined that I will not spend my days wandering from one chore to the next, one shop to the next, one coffee morning to the next. Of course these things are nice and necessary but I also hope to have a purpose, a reason to make me want to jump out of bed and tackle the day. But what will that cause be? This is the question...will it be running my own little craft shop which teaches mums, children or whoever how to sew, to mend and to make...will it be helping at a women's hostel, loving women who have been given a raw deal in life...will it be interacting and listening to people who have no one else to talk to...I just don't know what it will be but I'm already looking for it.

Causes like this one make me even more determined to make a difference in this world...even if it is just a little at a time. Please take 30mins to watch this video. It may well change the course of your day...or life!

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  1. Hey - I was inspired to blog after watching this too! It seems you and I are on the same wave length!