Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Winter Bear

I'm not quite sure how this children's story book ended up on our bookshelf but 'The Winter Bear', written by Ruth Craft and illustrated by Erik Blegvad is magical. I can't really explain why, all I know is that every night at story time I am drawn to it.

The story is of three children out walking in the depths of a winter landscape when they discover among more ordinary winter things, a small knitted bear discarded. They bring him home, care for him and adopt him.

As I searched for a photo online to share with you I discovered that I am not the only one drawn to this book, there were many reviews of how this book was a childhood favourite in the 1980's and one that is read to many children today. Sadly it is out of print, but should you happen across it, buy it and share in the beauty and adventure of it.

But how did it get on our shelf...I will have to ask around!


  1. It is a beautiful book and I wonder how it came to be out of print when other mundane ones survive in the market place.

  2. I recently found this book in a charity shop, an 80's print so it reminds me a lot of childhood, although we didn't have this book. I have read it to my daughter every night since