Sunday, 3 July 2011

MJ's 1st sports day

 I'm not sure if my early morning runs influenced MJ's clothing choice for his school sports day. But on getting ready he insisted he wear his 'running' vest and 'shiny' trainers.

His school had done a great job in setting up six different activities for them and had split them into groups of three. As I watched him and the other kids complete the tasks I realised anew just how little he and his class mates really are. Day to day I expect so much from MJ and I don't know if that is a good thing or not. This weekend I read in the news of a three year old caught vandalising cars, so I know that at just three they are capable of violence. In poverty stricken countries a three year old would be expected to help care for their family, so I know that at just three they are capable of shouldering responsibility. But here in middle class suburbia what should I be expecting of my three year old? Hmm time for a muse...meanwhile, here are the photos of his 1st sports day.

 :: Mini assault course

:: Ball dribbling

:: Egg and spoon race

:: Tiger feet

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