Thursday, 28 July 2011

John Alexander Hall 1919 -2011

Jack Hall, my Grandad, passed away on Tuesday 12th July 2011. He was 91 years old and died peacefully in his own bed. His request was that if the day of his funeral was dry and warm, his coffin would be set at the front of his house (the one he built himself many years ago) so his friends and family could gather in the garden and say farewell. It was a beautiful funeral. The weather was warm and sunny and more than 200 of his family and friends gathered, filling the garden and lining the country road on which he lived. My parents dog wandered around, mingling with the crowd in the hope of a tickle. The tribute told of his simple and honest life. He was a man devoted to God, his family and his friends. He will be remembered as a man who didn't say alot but what he said held great worth. He will be missed by many but has left many happy memories.

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