Sunday, 20 March 2011

Freestyle sewing with a Singer

 I have been wanting to do some freestyle sewing on my Singer sewing machine for ages. I did it first when I was at school and had so much fun. Lowering the dog feed on our school machines was simple. I never took the time to work out how to do it on my own machine until a friend gave me the Poppy Trefry book, which I blogged awhile back. It turns out that on my Singer you put a plastic plate over the dog feed and remove the foot. As I wanted to make a quilt for my new niece, born just before Christmas I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try freestyling on my machine. After a few very frustrating attempts I gave up. I was so disappointed as I remember my school day attempts so fondly. I couldn't get the tension set properly. So the pictures of the quilt show mainly normal machine sewing with a little freestyling! I think when I try it again, which I will, I will keep it more simple and on a smaller scale.

I have also just sent off some bunting to another friend who has had a little girl. Sorry about the photo, it is not very clear...but I do love my Forsthyia flowering, in the background...another reminder that Spring is here...yay!

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