Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dish of the day

Last Friday we had lunch with a friend. She made a delicious chicken and rice dish which I thought  I would try and copy today. Due to its simplicity and tastiness I thought I would post it.

My version (for 3 people)::
Place in a casserole dish
1 mug of rice
1 1/2 mug of hot chicken stock
Some frozen peas
1 red pepper
Handful of sliced mushrooms (or whatever veg you have, my friend used spinach)
3 Chicken thighs and 3 chicken legs (My friend used breast)
Season with pepper, paprika, and whatever spices you like!

Bake in 180oC oven for 1 1/2hrs

Result is a tasty, family friendly and so so easy dinner.

My Afghan blanket is growing and I'm wondering who I will give it too. As I am using up balls of yarn I couldn't help reflect on where each ball was bought and realised that the blanket has quite a geography. The red wool was bought in Edinburgh, Scotland. The turquoise wool was bought in Iceland, The multicoloured wool was bought in England and the blue was given to me from my mum who bought it in Ireland! Thinking of it in this way makes me what to keep it :)

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