Friday, 24 September 2010


For a few weeks I have been thinking that MJ needs a bin in his bedroom. Buy a bin...easy you would think. But not so, for me anyway! I looked all round town. There were stainless steel bathroom bins, wicker bins, large plastic office type bins, tv inspired kids bins...but none really fitted the brief of a bin for MJ's room. I almost bought a bright red with green lid, plastic bin but as I took it to the checkout I realised I didn't want this cheap, tacky and plastic thing in MJs room. I'm so glad I put it back. Just a couple of days later the 'Created' magazine arrived through our door. In it I spotted a bin that I liked the look of and so I ordered it. It is perfect! It looks good, is the right size and best of all it is supporting the employment, at a fair price of people in a third world country. It even provides a good illustration for being able to talk to MJ about people who financially are not as well off as us.

Our new bin

Not only did I get the perfect bin, I also ordered some tea towels and was so impressed by these too. In fact I think they are to beautiful to be used in drying dishes so my mind is working overtime wondering what I could turn them in to.

Beautiful woven tea towels

Have a look at the 'Created' website. It is full of beautiful, ethical things which could make Christmas shopping a breeze!

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