Saturday, 18 September 2010

Columbia Road, London

A friends baby shower took me into London today. As I had a few hours to kill before the party started I thought I would visit Rob Ryans shop, Ryantown. It is only open at the weekends and I am rarely in that part of the city on a weekend so it was the perfect opportunity. Little did I know that in finding Ryantown I would also discover a street full of beautiful shops, filled with beautiful things. That is Columbia Road, London.

I purchased some fabric from beyond fabrics. I just couldn't pass it by. It was filled to the rafters with amazing prints and was just the shop I would love to own and run.

Now I am back home and my head is buzzing with new ideas but my body is too tired to fulfill them so I think I will take my sketch book to bed and note them for another day.

Finally I found Ryantown.

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