Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Our local museum.

By Saturday afternoon we had barely left the house and I was needing to get the two little ones out. Lj loves our local museum and requested that she take us there...she knows it best having visited with school and her Grandparents. She calls it the toy museum which surprised me because although it is probably going on for 30yrs since I was last there, I don't remember any toys. So off we trotted for an explore. It turns out that the 'toys' are little crafts and a box of very nice puzzles, books and puppets which don't seem to have anything to do with the exhibition but are to happily keep the kids amused while an adult can browse, albeit in my case the browse was extremely limited owing mainly to an energetic toddler. Going to a museum or an art gallery for me is similar to going for a walk in the forest or through a pretty garden. I find them a chance to breathe and take in something new, away from the chores and daily tasks. So it brings me great delight when I visit and watch my children engage at their own speed and ability, enjoying the environment as much as I do.

Afterwards we had a quick play on The Mall before Calvin decided it was dinner time and time for home.

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