Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Always create

The creativity continues in all our different ways.

M and MJ have been pulling out all of M's old Warhammer models and paints. They love to spend Saturday afternoons at the table painting and chatting about the team they will collect. MJ spends his evenings writing secret strategies for how he can beat his Daddy! Even Grandad C has been re inspired to get painting so they can have a family battle at Christmas.

I have been involved in all sorts of little projects over the past few weeks. The biggest is putting together a Calendar for 2016 with one of my best friends but in between I'm creating crafts to sell at our local Christmas market, designing birthday presents and Christmas presents commissions. It seems there is never a dull moment in my days which is just how I like it!

At the weekend Lj made a 'laptop'! It had a mini packet of raisins as the was so sweet and so well thought through. This is the screen image. Lets play a little game of spot...
Can you spot the maze, the football ground, the school, the zebra crossing, the man walking his dog and the boy in the swimming pool? And just because I got it wrong...the other people are not carrying bags of shopping or wearing gloves...that is just hands!!!

I pray that my children would never loose their imaginations and ways of creatively expressing themselves. I hope one day they won't find themselves in well paid but life sapping jobs but in jobs where their creativity is respected and encouraged. For M and I, I pray that we would never be afraid to step into something new but we would always believe that God is good and desires to give us good things.

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