Thursday, 13 February 2014

February rain...

This year is in sprint mode and we only have a couple of days before half term begins. I hope to take the kids to see some of our friends in Bath for a few days so have been running up little gifts for the girls...but what do you make/buy for a teenage boy?! Our visit is totally dependent on the weather. Yesterday we had strong winds and rain while today we have sunshine. We seem to be getting off very lightly compared with the rest of the country which is flooded with no sign of receding.

On Saturday we went over to Audley End in the rain to see if it had flooded the day before. We made good use of our new forest school waterproofs and had alot of fun exploring a near deserted Audley End. MJ also spent the first of his pocket money on a new pencil for his school pencil case. Since the New Year we have kept a reward chart. If he is helpful, does something without asking, needs a bit of encouragement or does well in his learning he can earn 5p's. Equally if I need to discipline him he can loose 5p's. At the moment it is working really well and he loves to keep a running tally of how much he has earned. While choosing what to spend his money on he got a lesson in the value and worth of his money...he has alot of saving up to do before he can afford the wooden bow and arrow!

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