Thursday, 24 October 2013

The winning craft item!

Today was craft stall number 2 and thankfully I sold something! In fact I almost sold out of fabric covered noticeboards...perhaps because I lowered the price from Tuesday!

In any case, Lj and I decided to celebrate with lunch in Starbucks. Lj loves going to a cafe and I love it too, although not necessarily with Lj! I don't mean to be mean but she is drawn to everything delicious on display and chooses all the expensive stuff. OK so most things in Starbucks are expensive but for example she wants the teeny tiny pot of fruit...£2.99. Now that would buy us a bunch of grapes, bananas and a bag of kiwis in Sainsburys. So we agree on one thing each and one to share.

I enjoy watching Lj sit and take her drink in the cafe but I have to be quick as it only lasts for two minutes and then she is showing every customer in the cafe her full tummy and is getting restless to move on and my skinny latte hasn't even cooled enough to start drinking.

Illustration inspired by Pop I cok and Quentin Blake. Mj and I are reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl.

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