Wednesday, 24 July 2013

'Greatest shop ever'

MJ has been asking if we can have a real shop. I have been telling him that we can when he is on school holidays. So the school holidays have arrived and we are having a lot of fun. For me that had a lot to do with the amazing run of weather we are having, for MJ it is because he is on holidays.

Today was the day for trying out our little shop. The 'greatest shop ever' shop. (Named by MJ) We popped into town for supplies this morning, came back for lunch and started to get organised.

We covered our play trolley with a cloth and bunting, made a sign and got our cash register together, filled our cool box with ice lollies, drinks and sweets and headed for the park.

MJ really surprised me with how confident he was to walk up to people and tell them about what we were selling. I found myself praying that we would get some customers just so he wouldn't be disappointed.

There weren't lots of people at the park but thankfully there were some generous dad's with their kids and so we sold enough that we could leave happy.

Tonight the kids fell into bed exhausted so I have to wait till tomorrow to  reflect with MJ on how we did today.

My first post using my new phone...i think it would have been quicker to turn on the laptop!

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