Wednesday, 16 January 2013

His brain keeps whirling!

On Sunday evening we put MJ to bed at his normal time but every half an hour or so for the next few hours he got up, complaining he could not sleep. This is very unlike him, normally he can be heard snoring just minutes after his light is turned out. Baffled by the evenings events M and I tried to think if he had eaten something which would stop him finding rest. His diet had been more or less normal. In the end I handed him (he has a cabin bed) his drawing pad, books on building, pencil and left his light on so he could do some drawing in bed. After 15mins I took them off him, turned off his light and within minutes could hear his familiar heavy and irregular breathing, indicating that he was fast asleep.

I now believe that his day had been too passive and he had not used his brain enough!

Just now, this is what he is up too...'inventing'!!!

and these are the drawings he does in bed at night.

A design for a hotel.

The plumbing for his house.

Stone house with interesting roof!

and something else that he is dreaming of building!

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