Thursday, 4 October 2012

10 Ways to play in October

I can't not do a post on this recent discovery.

Last week I dreaded the couple of hours between dinner and waiting for M to call to say he was on the train and we could go to the station to pick him up. The kids were tired and ratty...and so was I. We bickered and I was at a lose as to what to do, other that let them watch TV. This week I discovered Pinterest (my new fav way to spend (waste) a little time). It has inspired me in many ways but one which I put into action straight away is from the blog, Let's explore. I printed of the monthly play sheet for October and pinned it up in our play room. Now when we are feeling tired and uninspired MJ will point at the sheet and ask if we could do something on there. It is funny how he is never so keen on my suggestions of what we should play and to be honest I am generally not so keen to play what he chooses... so this sheet is perfect, we just read through them and choose an activity. 

Last night we set up a Post Office, we wrote letters and postcards, put them in envelopes, weighed them, put stamps on, posted them and delivered them and then got all our Postman Pat books out and had a read.

Tonight we did hand and feet printing. The activity on the sheet was to trace our hands and feet but MJ thought we should use paint...I'm not sure what came over me (I don't enjoy mess in the house!) but I thought, why not?! So we locked ourselves in the bathroom (the one I cleaned earlier foolish!) with paper, paint, tray, towels and bare hands and feet. Now we have enough printed paper to wallpaper a small room and I'm wondering what creative thing I can do with them!

I should really take photos of our play but to be honest we get so absorbed in the activity that I don't want to go and get the camera.

I'm already saving the cardboard tubes so we can complete activity No. 4!

I wonder what we will get up to tomorrow!

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