Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A new routine

After a distressing (raised voices, tantrums and tears) morning for both myself and MJ, leaving MJ tired before his school day had even begun, I decided it was time to look at our morning and evening routines.

So here is the plan. While MJ is at home I am not allowed to check my emails/facebook or simply browse the Internet. In the morning (before school) I will do my daily chores while MJ and Lj are engaged peacefully in play but if a riot breaks out then I will intervene and try to set each on a different path so I can return to chores! When MJ comes home from school (normally very tired but hyped up!) I will have all the chores done so that we can play together and hopefully have a calm and peaceful end to the day.

This afternoon was a success.

We went to the park.

Did some puzzles.

Read our currently favourite stories.

Tonight I have tidied out the downstairs toy box and am ready for more calming activities...fingers crossed we will have a little more peace reigning.

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